Owning a Beach House has its Perks During These Difficult Times


by Claudia Ganas

A couple of friends pose for a photo at the Ganas Beach House.

Sean Levonaitis, Staff Writer

Living in New Jersey comes with a lot of perks like pork roll, the bread but especially the Jersey Shore. Day trips can be a fun time with friends and family for a couple hours but the more fortunate people are able to obtain one of the most glorious purchases to us Jersians; a beach house.

Living near the shore, you have many options on where to buy a beach house like  Lavalette, Ortley, Long Beach Island or even Wildwood. Many kids growing up spend their whole summers down the shore, waking up going to the beach, riding the waves on a surf board or even going to little parties on the beach with friends.

Senior at Hillsborough High School, Loukas Ganas, owns a house in South Jersey at the beach called South Wildwood. Although he does not live there for the entire summer, he enjoys many short trips to escape from reality and experience a short little vacation.

“Having a place to go to and escape from reality, especially during times like Covid, is a fantastic feeling,” Ganas said. “Everything about it I enjoy. From the hot summer days in the sand while the sun beating down on you, to the comfortable nights walking along the boardwalk looking for games to play. I would never trade my beach house for the world.”

Another student who attends Hillsborough High School, Junior Tyler Michinard, has a house located right outside of Lavalette. He decided to share some experiences that comes with owning a beach house along the Jersey Shore.

“The best thing about summer is being able to go down the shore and play in the sand during the day, then play basketball at the courts during the night time,” Michinard said. “Nothing beats that combo. Everyday down the shore is filled with adventures and everything about it makes me love living in New Jersey where everything is so accessible. If you do not own a beach house, I recommend anyone who doesn’t to go out and buy one. It would be the best purchase you will ever make in your whole entire life.”