NBA Top Shot is the Next Big Thing


Photo via wikimedia commons under creative commons license

NBA Top Shot is rising as the new fad across the globe.

Nick Holt, Editor-in-Chief

First launched in July 2019, NBA Top Shot has been blowing up the social media scene.  Designed by crypto company Dapper Labs and the National Basketball Association, NBA Top Shot is an online collecting crypto sensation.

It’s an extremely difficult concept to grasp, but once you get started, it’s really simple to follow along.  It holds similarity to card collecting and the stock market, which both recently have been capitalized by a new generation of users.

NBA Top Shot holds pack drops of extreme exclusivity, which helps the substance of the pack hold value.  Within the packs are “Moments”, which would be the equivalent of a trading card.  The rarer the Moment is that you pull, the more money it’s worth.  Currently the most expensive Moment on NBA Top Shot right now is a Zion Williamson block valued at $250,000. Insane.

Packs cost $9, $22, and $230, all depending on the tier of pack you want to buy.  Obviously, the more expensive the pack, the higher chance you have at pulling a Moment of high value.  Though, of course, it’s all a gamble.  Some moments can cost a dollar or two, while others can be be worth thousands.

In an investing aspect, you can buy Moments in the marketplace, with the hope that they go up, which is the reason why someone would buy a Zion Williamson block Moment for $250,000, with the hope that it goes up to $500,000 or $1 Million.  Obviously not every Moment on the site holds as much value as thousands of dollars, it could be a quick $2 investment that the hope that it rises up to $10 with the recent play of the player you invest in.

Similar to the Gamestop and AMC influx in the market, it’s unsure how long the value holds in NBA Top Shot before everything crashes down.  But for right now, NBA Top Shot is an emerging financial opportunity that involves a ton of fun if you are a fan of the NBA.