Girls Swim Senior Night Looked a Bit Different This Year


by Sue Bhuyan

Seniors Maya Bhuyan and Erin McCrea celebrate their senior night for girls swim.

Nora Ferro, Staff writer

Any athlete at HHS will agree that their senior night is an event that they look forward to during all 4 years as a player on their team. Luckily, last year’s swim season was able to celebrate their seniors like always, with the stands packed with tons of spectators and cheering. However, that was prior to the COVID-19 lockdown, and this year’s seniors had to expect a different environment.

School sport seasons have been made shorter and later than usual, in order to follow safety rules and procedures for team sports during COVID-19. The swim season was drastically impacted with being pushed to early February in contrast to its usual start date in early November. Also, instead of a several month run, this year’s season is only several weeks.

Girls swim senior night, an event that is usually combined with the boys in order to show all the seniors together, was held separately this year, with only parents permitted to attend the ceremony. Maya Bhuyan, one of this year’s recognized seniors, was positive about the unique experience.

“It was strange not having friends there for support like in the past,” Bhuyan said. “But I’m glad we were able to do something as a team at least,  with our parents there for celebrate our hard work.”

Other small but meaningful traditions were still able to take place as well. For example, swimmers in other grades decorated individual posters for each senior like usual, with pictures to remember exciting swim events over the last few years. To add, the traditional ceremony took place to congratulate and recognize each senior participant by name, with the whole event being streamed on YouTube for viewers to cheer on from their screens. Customized cookies were also given out to each senior, with their own name and Boro Swim 21 written on them. Even a small, baked surprise like this one was a thoughtful addition to the night that so many wanted to make the best under current circumstances.

New pictures were taken of the teammates as well to commemorate this special night, and hopefully create another memory that they can cherish after this difficult year of lost experiences. It’s obvious that they were smiling behind the face masks despite the changes to their celebration.