Drake Releases New EP: “Scary Hours 2”

Drakes 4th EP, Scary Hours 2, is once again, a fan favorite.

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Drake’s 4th EP, “Scary Hours 2,” is once again, a fan favorite.

Nick Holt, Editor-in-Chief

Released March 9, 2021, Scary Hours 2, is Drake’s first music release of the year.  While fans impatiently are waiting for the release of Drake’s full album, “Certified Lover Boy,” the Canadian artist throws a few songs to help hold everyone over till CLB drops.

A 3-song EP, Scary Hours 2 received a lot of social praise across platforms.  With features from rappers Lil Baby and Rick Ross, the songs are instantly going to do numbers, on top of the fact that it’s Drake.

The first song of the EP, “What’s Next,” was previously leaked a week or two before the actual release of Scary Hours 2, which took away some of the first listen opinion, but still, it was a great song that will definitely be at the top of charts for a while.  The song has gone a bit viral on the social media platform, TikTok, which was likely the aim here for Drake, he is not dumb when it comes to knowing what will generate money.

The second song, “Wants and Needs,” featured Lil Baby.  Unlike the previous song, it touched more of the harder core rap area rather than the pop direction that Drake sometimes likes to go in.  Obviously, the song’s click value is elite with Drake and Lil Baby’s name, and you will likely be pleased.

The third and final song, “Lemon Pepper Freestyle,” featuring Rick Ross, is likely the best song on the EP.  It gave more of a throwback vibe with Drake and Rick Ross, which might be one of the greatest rap duos in music history.  Drake’s verse showcases an extreme amount of talent and honestly it never ends and no one should be complaining.  There’s also a Patrick Mahomes diss in there as well if you are a fan of some beef between the world’s millionaires.

Once again, Drake hits.  Projected to do 1 million in the first week, the conversation may be over about who the G.O.A.T. of this generation is.