Winter Athlete of the Season: Camryn Loniewski


courtesy of Jim Kelly

Junior Camryn Loniewski was the Raiders star player this season.

Nick Holt, Editor-in-Chief

Starting from a young age, Camryn Loniewski always has had a love for the game of basketball.

Coming from a family of athletes, Loniewski began playing in 2nd grade for the local CYO organization, St. Joseph’s Blue Storm.  Ever since that point, Loniewski quickly became accustomed to competitive aspects and the importance of technique in the game.  Both Loniewski’s mother and father both competed at the collegiate level playing basketball, so it certainly is a no brainer that he has found so much success on the hardwood.

Averaging a team high 11.3 points per game, Loniewski truly has a knack for scoring the basketball, especially from long range, scoring over 20 points in two games this season for the Hillsborough High School varsity team.  A pure shooter from deep, Loniewski tries to model his game after Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry, emphasizing his impact on the way the game has changed over time and how he “truly is the greatest shooter of all time.”  Though truly a family first kid, Loniewski pointed out that his parents are his real inspiration to play the game of basketball.

Although the season was not the most successful for our Raiders, it was one of multiple obstacles where Loniewski was able to see the positives rather than the negatives.

“This season was rough because of COVID-19 and a decent amount of snow cancellations,” Loniewski said. “We made out to play only 11 or 12 games when we usually play 25. We were also a junior heavy team that had minimal varsity experience. Jay Mazuera and I were the only varsity returners. Nevertheless, we progressed as a team throughout the season and I ended up having a couple 20 point games. I could never question my teammates’ support and I am excited to see what next year has in store for HHS hoops.”

Outside the game of basketball, Loniewski loves staying active with his friends, playing a decent amount of spikeball and baseball, while also eating around town at his beloved diners across New Jersey.

Look for Camryn Loniewski, our Winter Athlete of the Season, to have an even better senior year with many more wins in the coming year to come.