Justin Bieber’s “Justice” Receives Praise from Fans

Justin Bieber released his  new album called

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Justin Bieber released his new album called “Justice” and fans are excited.

Nora Ferro, Staff Writer

On Mar. 19, Justin Bieber released his sixth album titled Justice. Released just a year since his last album called Changes, the album reflects much has happened in the world and like other artists, Bieber wanted to create new music to once again bring his fans together.

The first song of the album is called “2 Much”, and begins with a quote from Martin Luther King Jr. that says “Injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere.” This is a clear connection to both the album’s title and the numerous injustices that took place in the world recently. “2 Much”, evidently a loving dedication to his wife, Hailey Bieber, continues into the next several meaningful tracks, including “As I Am” and “Deserve You”, but none tie back to the idea of justice. In the middle of the album, Bieber includes a two-minute interlude of a second Martin Luther King Jr. speech, which relates to the subject but not the other songs overall. It’s possible that Bieber could have made his reason for the title, “Justice”  more transparent throughout the album.

Besides straying from the subject, the songs on the album themselves are nothing less than Bieber’s usual creative projects.

“Off My Face” will definitely be a fan favorite with its gentle melodies that radiate love and adoration. Meanwhile, “Peaches” featuring Daniel Caesar and Giveon, is most likely to be danced to at a party because of the upbeat and positive energy that has a hip hop feel to it.

Bieber does not disappoint as he covers a wide range of emotions throughout the songs in this album. “Anyone” and “Lonely” is on the sadder side of Bieber’s repertoire in which he dives into deeper topics like depression and being dependent on another person for support. “Holy”, Bieber’s single from earlier this year, brings back a positive feeling of love and growth as Bieber shares his passion for not only being a husband but for growing as a better person because of his life partner.

So far, Justice proves to be another piece of Bieber’s success, and fans are extremely satisfied to have new music to enjoy and promote.