Khalid Drops New Track “Otra Noche Sin Ti”, a Collaboration with J Balvin


Photo via wikimedia commons under creative commons license

Khalid and J Balvin released their new collaboration this week.

Ava Curtis, Staff Writer

After Khalid’s last music release on Mar. 12, “FEELS” with other artist WATTS, Khalid dropped a new joint-single on April 9 with J Balvin. Over the past year, the only music Khalid has released are singles that are in collaboration with other artists. It has been over a year since he dropped any type of solo music. Although, this single is going to also appear on J Balvin’s upcoming album.

The song is produced by Lexus and Keityn while the video that dropped with it was directed by Colin Tilley. The song is split between J Balvin’s Spanish verses and Khalid’s English verses. The song mostly mixes reggaeton with an urban pop sound. The song has a guitar rhythm in the background which matches Khalid’s vibe that he typically portrays in most of his music, but the production-based beat somewhat overpowers it. Although, the song itself can be compared as a louder and more rushed version of Khalid’s previous song “Suncity” which also includes Spanish lyrics.

The lyrics are really catchy, however, these two vocals on the track sound forced. Khalid sounds great however J Balvin does not quite reach the bar Khalid had set. J Balvin’s voice tries to match Khalid’s iconic sound, however, it just sounds extremely plain and boring trying to replicate that relaxing mood that is normally present in Khalid’s music.

Despite this, these lyrics were good and they both came up with cool lines, including the parallels they have in the different languages. “They say I lost you and I can’t tolerate another night without you/ Another night without you hurts a lot,” Balvin sings in Spanish. Then two minutes in, Khalid steps in with “You know I don’t do it on purpose/ You know I can’t go on another night without you.”

With Khalid returning from his little break, this was his third feature and unfortunately the worst one. Although the song is not bad overall, it definitely gets boring fast if listened to through the whole day. It still has a nice vibe to it but J Balvin fell short in creating the same feeling and sound to match Khalid.