Disney World is Doing their Best During COVID-19


Photo via wikimedia commons under creative commons license

Disney World is continuing business during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Nora Ferro and Ava Curtis

Disney World, like many other businesses around the world, is doing whatever it takes to remain open during COVID-19. Since reopening in July of 2020, the park has required face masks mandatory at all times, excluding when dining at their outdoor restaurants onsite. Social distancing has been implemented when doable with rides and tourist attractions being within close proximity of each other. Temperatures are still checked upon entrance to the park, and any guest with a fever may not enter, similar to schools, stores, and other small businesses. 

In a recent update, Disney World announced that guests can remove their masks for quick photo shoots near the castle and other photo-worthy attractions in the park. This was very exciting news for guests who had planned Disney trips many months ago because now they can still take family photos and have a feeling of normalcy when they remember this trip to the “most magical place on Earth.” Another interesting feature that Disney had but is now enforcing for safety precautions, is the application of the park wristbands as a payment method. Even before COVID-19, this feature existed for quicker payment to save time in the park, but now Disney requests that more guests use this feature in order to avoid credit cards and cash to be touched by multiple people and spreading potentially dangerous germs. 

Florida, in general, has been one of the more lenient states throughout this pandemic. However, with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine being put on pause, there has been a spike in cases recently in Florida. Despite the small wave of cases, there are almost 7.5 million people in Florida who have gotten at least one shot of the vaccine and almost 4.6 million who are fully vaccinated. However all those 2 years and older still have to wear masks regardless of being vaccinated or not.

Overall, Disney is still taking the best precautions to keep their guests safe and continue their business the best way possible with only 25% capacity allowed in the park at one time. All fans hope that someday soon, they can have a normal Disney World experience.