LaMarcus Aldridge Retires from Basketball due to Irregular Heartbeat

Due to comprimisng heart issues, LaMarcus Aldridge must retire.

Photo via wikimedia commons under creative commons license

Due to comprimisng heart issues, LaMarcus Aldridge must retire.

Evan Suraci and Heather Suraci

Basketball fans received surprising news this past Thursday as Brooklyn Nets big man LaMarcus Aldridge announced his sudden retirement from the league. Aldridge took to social media with a farewell post providing clarity to his retirement as he explained he has an irregular heartbeat which prohibits him from continuing his career. Aldridge played his last game on April 10 against the Los Angeles Lakers while coping with his heart issues; he felt at this point he needed to put his health first over his basketball career.

The 35 year-old basketball veteran has made his mark in the NBA as one of the most dominant big men during his time in the league having lots of accolades, despite his health issues causing him to call it quits before he intended to. Aldridge had a spectacular run in the NBA the past 15 years playing most of his career with the Portland Trailblazers, from 2006-2015, before a stint with the San Antonio Spurs that ultimately lead to Brooklyn. Aldridge has without a doubt achieved a lot prior to his retirement.

Aldridge had a very productive career, tallying 19,951 points, 8,478 rebounds, 1,140 blocks, along 2,034 assists and 744 steals. Thanks to his production, he was named to an All-Star team seven times and five times to an all NBA team. While at times Aldridge would slip under the radar for casual fans, his impact on the hardwood was always present and during his prime years in Portland and San Antonio, he was a dominant big man that could score on all three levels and prevent teams from scoring in the paint.

Since his career has come to a sudden end, one of the biggest accomplishments in basketball that sits in front of Aldridge is the Hall of Fame. While his probability for the hall of fame sits at .50, which is lower than current players, it is important to remember that the Hall of Fame accounts for a player’s entire career starting from college to the NBA. He had his impact with the Texas Longhorns by winning the 2006 BIG 12 Defensive players of the year and more importantly has had a dominant and impressive NBA career. 

All Aldridge can do is wait and hope he makes it into the Hall, but regardless if he makes it or does not make it within the next decade, he had a very long and successful career and will always be remembered as a dominant center during his time.