Carey Mulligan Hosts SNL with Musical Guest Kid Cudi

Actress Carey Mulligans episode of SNL aired on April 10 with musical guest Kid Cudi.

Photo via wikimedia commons under creative commons license

Actress Carey Mulligan’s episode of SNL aired on April 10 with musical guest Kid Cudi.

Lexi Nielsen, Reviews Editor

On April 10, actress Carey Mulligan hosted NBC’s “Saturday Night Live”. Joined by musical guest Kid Cudi, Mulligan ensured that this episode would be remembered.

Kicking off the show, Mulligan opened her monologue talking about how nice it was to be out and about in New York City after quaranting in England with her husband and children for a whole year. As soon as she mentioned her family, her husband and lead singer of the band Mumford & Sons, Marcus Mumford, popped up in the crowd. He began asking her if they already had a musical guest for the evening, and even when told he wasn’t needed, he proceeded to play his guitar over Mulligan. This husband and wife banter was a great way to open the episode as it was funny and sweet to see the couple on stage together.

Another great sketch from this episode was performed by SNL cast members Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant and Mulligan. In this sketch, McKinnon’s character was a boy who had Mulligan, “the prettiest girl he has ever seen”, over at his house. Once McKinnon realizes Mulligan’s character is making moves on him, he calls his best friend Jason, a.k.a. Aidy Bryant. “Jason” proceeds to give McKinnon’s character advice on how to make advances back on Mulligan’s character while she is still in the room and can hear everything they are saying. This sketch provides the exact amount of humor mixed with second hand embarrassment for McKinnon’s character to have viewers dying of laughter.

Episodes of SNL would be nothing without the bizarre digital shorts that play between sketches. In recent episodes, these digital shorts have consisted mostly of strange rap songs written by cast members Pete Davidson and Chris Redd. In this digital short, Davidson and Redd, along with musical guest Kid Cudi, rapped about their “weird little flutes” that they bring everywhere with them, and perform all their daily tasks with their flutes. With an extremely random appearance by actor Timothee Chalamet, this digital short was all over the place and pretty weird, but still pretty funny because it was so ridiculous to watch.

In every SNL episode, The Weekend Update with Colin Jost and Michael Che is almost always the most interesting part of the show. During this week’s update, Che and Jost made their usual jokes about politics, COVID, and various pop-culture stories. Che and Jost also invite guests onto the stage with them sometimes during the update, and with the eve of the sinking of the Titanic coming up, Jost brought the iceberg that hit the Titanic onto the stage to tell its side of the story. Played by SNL featured player, Bowen Yang, the iceberg came on the show to say how it was not his fault the people aboard the Titanic died, and it was actually the water that was at fault because the people drowned. After defending himself, the iceberg proceeded to say he ws ready to move on from the Titanic and focus on his music career.

As for the musical performances, Kid Cudi killed it. Cudi performed his songs “Tequila Shots” and “Sad People”. During his performance of “Sad People”, Cudi wore a floral dress to pay tribute to the late Nirvana frontman, Kurt Cobain. Cobain was known for performing in dresses throughout his career, specifically a floral dress, so Cudi who was inspired by Cobain decided to pay tribute to him during his performance.

Despite the episodes overall strange jokes and bizarre characters, Mulligan’s hosting of SNL was a successful one.