Lexi’s COVID Vaccine Playlist

Tunes will get you through most in life, including the Covid Vaccine.

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Tunes will get you through most in life, including the Covid Vaccine.

Lexi Nielsen, Reviews Editor

1) “Dog Days Are Over” : Florence + the Machine

The year 2020 and most of 2021 has been really rough for people all over the world. After getting your COVID-19 vaccine, it really will feel like the dog days are coming to an end. The more people vaccinated, the closer we get!

2) “Shots” : LMFAO

The clean version, obviously. There aren’t many songs that get you as hyped up for something crazy like Shots by LMFAO. Getting vaccinated for a for a virus that sent the entire world into lockdown definitely qualifies as something crazy, so this song is only fitting to listen to before you get your vaccine. Though this song is sure to get you in an excited mood, it is on here for purely ironic reasons.

3) “Dancing Queen”: ABBA

This song will put anyone in a good mood. No playlist is complete without “Dancing Queen” by ABBA.

4) “Here Comes the Sun”: The Beatles

Seeing an end in sight for this global pandemic can definitely feel like the sun coming back up after a long year of darkness. Also, many hospitals would play this song this past year when COVID patients were released from their hospital stay and recovered.

5) “Don’t Stop Believin'”: Journey

Throughout the year 2020, people never stopped believing that this pandemic would come to an end. Even though it sometimes seemed as though the end would never come, we were right to never stop believing that it would.

6) “I Will Survive”: Gloria Gaynor

Now that you’re vaccinated, you are almost completely free of the terror of getting COVID. Though you still can spread it, but that is why we still wear our masks!

7) “You Give Love a Bad Name”: Bon Jovi

If you have seen the hit TV show ” How I Met Your Mother”, then you will understand why this has to be on this playlist. One of the main characters played by Neil Patrick Harris, Barney Stinson, has a playlist he calls “Get Hyped”. Throughout the episode featuring this playlist, “You Give Love a Bad Name” is the only song that he plays repeatedly, so this is the song to get hyped to.

8) “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”: Pat Benatar

Again, this song is on here for mostly ironic reasons. Having the word “shot” in this title was considered almost automatic addmittance to this elite group of songs.

9) “I’m So Excited”: The Pointer Sisters

What could be more exciting than being vaccinated and protected from the Corono Virus? Nothing! The answer is nothing.

10) “Stayin’ Alive”: Bee Gees

I would advise listeners to put this song on after getting their vaccine. Celebrate getting your vaccine with this song because now you are literally “Stayin’ Alive”. You are going to die eventually, but it won’t be from COVID-19!