Plans for Spirit Night 2021!


by Christopher Digricoli.

The banners for this year’s senior class hang outside by the gym entrance.

Christopher Digricoli, Staff Writer

With much of this school year’s activities canceled due to the CoronaVirus, Spirit Night, the annual event loved by every student, is in the process of being set to occur. Although the plans are not definite and could be subject to change, the student board looks to host Spirit Night, virtually, in late May or early June on a Wednesday in place of in-school activities. The grades this year will be represented as Freshman Flashback, Sophomore Sleuths, Disney Juniors, and Senior Supervillains.

As usual, Spirit Night will be divided into five categories: shirt, banners, hallway decorating, videos, and dances. Unfortunately, the games can not be played due to the night being virtual so the winner will be decided on just the five categories.

The shirts have been made and ordered and will be distributed by the student council after school when they arrive. Each grade has a banner outside already hung but has the chance to develop a second one to hang around the school. Grades can either create a new banner or use the same one that is hung outside. The inside banners will replace the murals that usually are painted throughout the halls.

Another new addition this year will be creating posters to hang throughout the school. To hang the poster, ten students plus an advisor, socially distanced, will be present to hang the poster. For the actual 24-inch x 36 inch posters, they should incorporate the theme and colors that match the grade’s theme. The posters have to be positive with nothing slanderous and only relate to the grade’s theme.

One of the favorite Spirit Night activities, the videos, will still be able to occur with some modifications. For each scene, there is a set number of people allowed, including the camera person and director, (Indoor: five, outdoor: ten). Masks also must be worn at all times throughout shooting with the mandatory six feet social distancing. Besides adhering to the state COVID-19 guidelines, all other criteria remain the same. On the day of Spirit Night, the video will be emailed to each student.

The dance will be recorded beforehand for the judges to view. Groups of students will perform segments of the dance to later be edited together to complete the video. For the groups of students, everyone must be wearing a mask at all times, with no more than ten students on camera at once. Dancers should maintain six feet in between each other, eliminating the possibilities for stunts or partner dances. Other than the specific COVID-19 guidelines, all other aspects will be the same.

Although no games will be played, with the other activities the feel of a normal Spirit Night will be emulated to the best of the student council’s ability. Thankfully, the students can finally get back to experiencing one of the most sought-after titles of the year: winner of Spirit Night.