Principal Karen Bingert Announces her Retirement from HHS


Nora Ferro

Principal Karen Bingert will say goodbye to the HHS family at the end of this academic year.

Nora Ferro, Staff Writer

On March 18, Principal Karen Bingert announced her retirement from her position in public education. This retirement comes with an exciting new opportunity for Bingert, as she was offered the position of Executive Director of the New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association (NJPSA). At her new job, she will work closely with numerous school leaders and the Foundation for Educational Administration (FEA) to ensure that more educators have access to various resources that they may need, such as going back to school to earn a higher degree or certification. After 22 years of being first a Vice Principal, then Principal of HHS, Bingert has a lot to add to the conversation about advocating for schools and creating legislation for schools. 

When asked about her craziest memories from being principal, Bingert first mentioned the obvious answer of COVID-19 and its impact on the school community. However, she also said that the senior pranks have made her laugh many times throughout the years, like when her entire office was filled with red and gold balloons that she had to dig through, creating a memory she will never forget. 

Bingert has always been an advocate for school pride, and is quick to tell people that Spirit Night is her favorite school event each year, where all four grades compete against each other in various games and events like dances, movies, and relay races. Last year’s Spirit Night was cancelled due to COVID, but there is hope that this year’s events will provide some sense of normalcy as it will be Bingert’s last Spirit Night here at HHS. In addition to Spirit Night, senior graduation is extremely important to Bingert.

“In non-COVID years, I shake hands with or hug every single senior as they exit the stage, and I treasure that final moment with each Raider before HHS becomes part of the past that prepared them for their future” Bingert said.

This year’s graduation will definitely be special for Bingert as it is happening back on HHS’s own football field once again where she will say goodbye to not only her seniors, but this part of her career. 

COVID19 changed the entire education system as the world knew it and Hillsborough schools had to adjust accordingly. Referring to COVID19, Bingert provided a heartfelt response.

“To say that I am proud barely scratches the surface.  I do have to say that I am not at all surprised, however, because the very nature of being a Raider — as a student or staff member — is to fight the good fight,” she said.

When asked if despite the difficulties that this year brought, she is still grateful that this is her last year as principal, Bingert explained that seeing herself as anything but a principal is very difficult, and she is grateful that she was able to do her best along with her staff and students during this strenuous time. 

Bingert used the word, “bittersweet” to describe this experience, because she is heartbroken to leave the people and place that she has called her second home since 1999 when she first joined the HHS family.

“Being the principal of Hillsborough High School has been my pleasure and my honor, and I will miss you all more profoundly than I can ever adequately convey.  Thank you… for everything,” Bingert said.