Boys Volleyball is on a Winning Streak

Members of the boys volleyball team pose with a trophy from the 2018 season.

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Members of the boys volleyball team pose with a trophy from the 2018 season.

Heather Suraci and Evan Suraci

The HHS boys volleyball team is off to an impressive start. The team hopes to improve upon their last season on the court which was the 2018-19 season. Unfortunately, like several other sport and activities, last season was canceled due to the coronavirus. The team is full of both experienced returning players as well as talented fresh faces.

The boys are off to a 5-1 start and have made it clear they are here to give it their all. Leading the strong group are seniors Cole Monte, Patrick Kelly, Lucas Lopez, Nicolas McGovern, Jordan Nussbaum, and Matthew Wickman. Each senior will be instrumental to the team’s success.

In particular, Kelly and Monte are ones to watch as Kelly has racked up 13 kills and 119 assists and Monte has 8 blocks.

Juniors Justin Chin, Jack Freese, and Vinil Shah are also crucial members of the team. Shah has tallied an impressive 74 kills in the past six games and Freese has 15 blocks.

In their preseason the team ranked #16, however, with the raiders winning streak the team has advanced to #6 in the state. The boys are on a roll and are looking to make it all the way to the state tournament in hopes of winning it all.

When asked what the team’s goals were for this season, senior Cole Monte said, “We want to work hard and make it all the way to states and win.”