Thomas Rhett’s “Country Again” Is His Best Work Yet

Thomas Rhetts new album, Country Again (Side A) dropped April 30.

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Thomas Rhett’s new album, “Country Again (Side A)” dropped April 30.

Nora Ferro, Staff writer

On April 30, 2021, Thomas Rhett released his newest album Country Again (Side A) with 11 songs from his two-part album, the second part Side B being released this coming October. While fans are currently in awe of this new batch of songs, Rhett is already teasing that Side B is even better. Like other country singers, Rhett draws inspiration from his wife, family, religion, and the southern upbringing that led him to LA to become a star.

Possibly the most notable songs on the album are the most emotional as well. Both “Heaven Right Now” and “To The Guys That Date My Girls” will bring tears to your eyes, especially those who feel a deep connection with either song. “Heaven Right Now” is about the loss of a true friend, and the curiosity that religion brings people about what their loved ones do once they physically leave this life.  He says, “Are you older? Are you Younger? Have you met Johnny Cash? Anyway thought I’d say hey”. Meanwhile, “To The Guys That Date My Girls” is for any girl dad that wants to warn the boys who walk into their daughters’ lives. Rhett knows exactly how to get his point across with an emotional message like his girls growing up one day, while using comic relief to lighten the mood.

Rhett includes his share of upbeat songs as well, like “Put it on Ice” which is about having a good time at a bar with people you love, and “More Time Fishin’ ” in which he tells his listeners to devote more of their life to things that actually make them happy. He writes, “You can spend your whole life tryin’ to make a killing, but what’s it all worth without a  little livin’?” This song hits home for a lot of adults who find themselves stuck in the same cycle of working, eating, and sleeping just to keep a job that they don’t love. The way that so many people can relate to this message shows that individuals and society overall need to prioritize what is really important in life- money or happiness.

The album’s title song, “Country Again” is a reflection about Rhett’s busy life as a star and returning to his country roots that made him who he is. Similarly, “Where We Grew Up” tells listeners stories about the singer’s youth as a teen from Georgia and the things that inspire him to write country music.  Fans appreciate these songs together because without these stories, Rhett would not be the singer that everyone adores today.

While this album just dropped, Rhett’s fans are always looking for more, and these songs are a step in a new and exciting direction.