New 5-Day Schedule and More Calendar Changes to Come

The new schedule for the in-person Wednesdays begins next week.

courtesy of Karen Bingert.

The new schedule for the in-person Wednesdays begins next week.

Christopher Digricoli, Staff Writer

Just three weeks into the 4-day hybrid schedule, the Hillsborough Board of Education has decided to update the current schedule to a 5-day schedule, eliminating all-virtual Wednesdays.  For the majority of the year, Wednesdays have been run under the normal half-day schedule, periods lasting roughly 30 minutes. For the in-person schedule, there were some minor changes made to fit passing time in between each period but much of the schedule remains the same. In her email sent out to the district, Superintendent Dr. Lisa Antunes states that the decreases in COVID-19 cases across all Hillsborough schools are what inclined her to continue the “phase-in, phase-up process of opening schools” for the remaining school year.

Also being discussed, but definitely not certain, is returning to a full day of in-person learning for the remainder of the year. “Discussions continue surrounding the feasibility and logistics of having students return to five full days per week before the end of the year (at least for some grades),” Dr. Antunes said. These are only discussions, nothing is definite, but whatever is the outcome will be made public as soon as possible according to the Hillsborough BOE.

In addition to these changes, the Hillsborough School district decided to use the final emergency day on Friday, May 28 to start Memorial Day weekend.

With only about five weeks left of school this year, these changes bring a glimmer of hope that come September of next school year, the district will be under the normal circumstances that they once were in September 2019.