Is Apex Legends the Best BR Video Game Right Now?


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Apex Legends is created by EA Sports and Respawn Entertainment.

Nick Holt, Editor-in-Chief

Released February 4, 2019, Apex Legends has recently ascending the top of the battle royale game scene.  Created by Respawn and EA Sports, Apex Legends is a free FPS battle royale that specializes in perfecting the play of different characters.

Apex gives gamers an option of 17 different “legends” to choose from, all with different abilities, which truly separates itself from the competition.  The game isn’t simply just shooting to survive, it relies on the gamer using the legends’ abilities in ways that will help your team win.

There are four different “classes,” of legends: offensive, defensive, support, and recon.  Being a very teamwork emphasized game, having a squad that picks legends that provide a competitive combination is extremely important, rather than picking three legends that all fall in the same class.  For example, picking three offensive legends will likely face a disadvantage against a squad who runs an offensive legend, defensive legend, and support legend; variety is important.

In the past, Apex Legends has solely been a battle royale game mode, with either trios or duos dropping in 1 of 3 enormous maps and the last squad standing wins, but recently, developers have added a new game mode, Arena.

Arena is a 3v3 mode where players purchase guns with currency given at the start of every round, the amount of currency provided varies to each player based on how you played in the prior match, if you picked up currency that’s on the map, etc..   It’s a nice change of speed from battle royale, which focuses more on fighting rather than the strategy of battle royale, you can’t run away from the fight in arena, which is a positive when the battle royale mode gets slow and frustrating.

Overall, Apex Legends is not your typical battle royale, FPS video game.  There’s much more strategy and teamwork to the game than those of Warzone and Fortnite, which I think sets the game apart from others.  But like all games, there’s always room for improvement.