2021 NHS Induction Ceremony Welcomes new Seniors and Juniors


courtesy of NHS

The NHS officers prerecorded the induction ceremony for a live YouTube video.

Sam Renz, World Views editor

On May 25, 2021, at 7:00 p.m. EST, the National Honor Society hosted a virtual induction ceremony for its new members in the Classes of 2021 and 2022. Among these inductees were 20 seniors and 125 juniors. Due to continued pandemic restrictions and a large number of inductees, the half-hour event was hosted virtually via a live video posted on YouTube at the designated time.

President Sophia Naumovski hosted the introduction for the event, and the National Anthem was played. Following this, the other NHS officers spoke about each of the four pillars of NHS. Vice President Ishwari Nagnur spoke about the pillar of leadership, Secretary Merissa Joju on character, Treasurer Janush Shah on scholarship, and Public Relations Representative Chloe Colipano on service.

After the pillars were highlighted, the officers introduced all of the inductees by name, along with a “fun fact” that each member provided about themselves. The event closed off with the members reciting the NHS Pledge in a montage of short clips from the videos each member submitted.

The hosting service and event itinerary paralleled the NHS Induction Ceremony in May 2020, but due to the significant progress made to curtail the spread of the virus, the ceremony was able to feel more personal, in that the five NHS officers filmed their parts of the video together at school with a podium and candles. Although the inductees could not witness this event live in the auditorium, it was still a notable improvement since last year.

As for the class of 2021, the senior inductees this year were Diana Angello, Meghna Bharath, Peter Cavanaugh, Caitlyn Chui, Ava Curtis, Olivia Halverson, Conor Hampton, Amber Jackson, Sean Levonaitis, David Mantilla, Kathryn Marshall, Grace McHugh, Cole Monte, Eileen Nguyen, Simren Patel, Sneha Patel, Tejas Patel, Sonia Shah, Ria Trivedi, and Nevaeh Young-Joyner.

With graduation coming up, the senior inductees are finally going to be recognized alongside their peers at graduation as members of the National Honor Society by wearing their gold cords along with their cap and gown.