Raiders Rally: A Night to Remember


courtesy of Nick Bruno

Seniors dancing the night away at Raider Rally.

Kate Shanahan, Sports/Op Ed Editor

It’s no secret that the class of 2021 has had a less than ideal senior year, however, the parents of this year’s seniors rallied together to ensure that the seniors got a proper send-off with a prom-like event. Prior to knowledge of the school prom, parents got together and organized a dance just in case the school would not be able to host a senior prom. On Friday 28 May, Raider Rally was held at Royce Brook Golf Course in the banquet tent. A night full of dancing, music, good food, and prizes was enjoyed by the seniors of HHS.

Beautiful decorations were set up commemorating the class of 2021 and the seniors who attended got to enjoy a red carpet entrance. Although the weather was far from optimal, would it really have been a proper send-off for the class of 2021 without at least one thing going awry?

Once the weather cleared up, the attendees were able to enjoy a mesmerizing fireworks show without ruining their suits and dresses with complimentary ponchos. A fantastic lemonade bar was also set up by the Royce Brook staff completed with a luge entirely made of ice. Gift card prizes varying from The Ice House gift cards to $250 cash awards were also given away raffle style to those who entered.

All in all, the senior Raiders were able to enjoy each other’s company altogether for one of the final times this year. Although Raiders Rally was not the official prom, it was surely a night to remember put together by the parents of the seniors.