Disney Plus Premieres New Show Loki

Ava Curtis, Staff Writer

In addition to all the new Marvel Cinematic Studio releases, the show Loki was among them and the first episode was released this past Wednesday, June 9.

The show introduces Loki after certain events that were first presented in the last Avengers movie, Endgame. Loki is brought to an alternate universe, where they spend time to introduce the characters, dive into Loki’s past and his character, as well as reveal the main antagonist. The episode spends most of the screen time solely focused on Loki. They give him comedic lines and more in-depth emotional scenes which is something we have not seen from the character yet.

The actor Tom Hiddleston has been playing the character for almost 10 years now, however, this is all new territory for him. However, Hiddleston does an amazing job portraying such emotions as guilt and sorrow through his facial expressions. The show has gotten praise on social media already, many fans have started to make memes on certain scenes but also have already begun to sympathize with him even though he is one of the most notorious villains within the MCU. There have been few easter eggs during the episode that fans should look out for.

The episode’s duration is 50 mins and there will only be 6 episodes in total for the whole season. The first episode was left on a cliffhanger, however, I was already hooked within the first ten minutes of the show. The episode had me laughing and crying within the first half of it. If you like superheroes or action shows this is definitely one that I would check out and keep up with. New episodes premiere on Wednesdays, available on the Disney plus app.