Phoenix Suns Stay Hot and Advance


Photo via wikimedia commons under creative commons license

The Phoenix Suns look to be a real threat in the Western Conference to advance to the NBA finals.

Evan Suraci, Sports Editor

The Phoenix Suns are a new face to the NBA playoffs this year, but they are playing like they have been in the playoffs every year. At the beginning of the season, the Suns had a 29 percent chance of making the playoffs, despite adding NBA veteran Chris Paul. The Suns not only defied the odds and made the playoffs, but they earned the second seed in a tough western conference. The Suns have been led by their superstar Devon Booker and arguably one of the best point guards ever, Chris Paul. Booker, 24, and Paul, 36, have both been tearing up the NBA for years and the two, without a doubt, have gelled nicely together and are helping each other take steps closer for them to both earn their first NBA Finals. 

In the first round, the Suns had to play the seven-seeded Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers were the defending champions from the 2020 season and were led by Lebron James and Anthony Davis. The Lakers were up two games at one point, but the Suns took advantage of Anthony Davis’ injury and started to play better and see their offensive and defensive schemes start to work. The Suns had a back and forth matchup with the shorthanded Lakers but ended up defeating the Lakers in six games.

The second round was supposed to be a tougher matchup against the Denver Nuggets. The Nuggets were a three seed but this series showed that anything can happen in the playoffs and that seeding’s just numbers, as the Suns swept the nuggets four games to zero. The Suns were playing their best basketball all season against the Nuggets and all four games were very one-sided.

The Suns now await a showdown with either Utah Jazz or the Los Angeles Clippers for the Western Conference finals. The Lakers or the Nuggets had no answer to stop Devon Booker and we will see if the Suns’ next opponent has an answer to stop him. The Sun’s supporting cast has played a big role in the Suns’ playoff success and there is no doubt that if the Suns keep up their play throughout the rest of the playoffs, then they will win the NBA Finals.