Girls Track Set To Participate In Nationals


Tim Mooney

The girls after winning 2nd place and qualifying for Nationals. From left to right: Jayde McDermid, Kirstyn Schechter, Sia Mahajan, and Sarah Wnorowski.

Ava Curtis, Staff Writer

The spring track team is sending a relay team consisting of Jayde McDermid, Sia Mahajan, Sarah Wnorowski, and Kirstyn Schechter to run a 4×400 relay at Nationals. All are seniors graduating next week except Sarah, who is a junior. The competition is taking place at the University of Oregon from June 30 – July 3, 2021. This is a huge opportunity for the girls because that area is known as ‚Äútrack town USA ”. The field they are running on, Hayward field, was actually redone for the Olympic trials and they are actually going to be running on it before the professionals get to it.

The girls plan to run their 4×400 relay, where they each run one lap around the track, on July 1, and Kirstyn is running the 400 hurdles on July 2. Their story to get here started about 2 months ago when they realized they were one second off the mark of qualification, which is running it in 3:58 time. They asked to run the race again to try and beat the mark, however, they were given that opportunity.

Instead, they were forced to wait until they participated in groups which were more difficult because they were not in the fast heat, which goes slowest to fastest. They strategized and decided to just race for time, not placement. However, they did in fact beat the time and ended up getting a time of 3:54, not only qualifying them but also earning them second place at their meet.

The meet partnered with Nike, Hayward Magic, TrackTown USA, AthleticNET, and Runnerspace to make this competition happen. This is the National Scholastic Athletics Foundation (NSAF) 30th Outdoor Nationals since their first edition in Van Nuys, California in 1991. Congratulations to the girls who are participating in this major event. Hillsborough wishes you good luck!