Nicole Malone: The New Theatre Director


photo courtesy of Jason Aguila

Nicole Malone poses for her first head shot as HHS theatre director.

Kristen Caruso, School News Editor

For the 2021-2022 school year, the Hillsborough High School Theatre Department has a new director, Nicole “Nicky” Malone, who hopes to bring love and laughter to HHS theatre with her first play: Puffs

Though currently working in Edison, as she has for the past eight years, Malone grew up in Hillsborough and participated in the HHS Theatre program. 

“Theater is my passion, that’s my background, that is where my heart is, so I’m excited to bring that to my home town,” Malone said.

An accomplished thespian, Nicky Malone headed the theatre departments of both the high school and middle school of Edison Township later in her career, but drama is rooted deeper into her life.

Malone started directing in middle school and carried her passion to college where she completed the theatre program at Rider University.

“I’ve written my own musicals, I’ve written my own plays, I’ve directed throughout the community,” Malone said. “I’ve done work over at Music Mountain Theatre in Lambertville, Somerset Valley Playhouse, and Villager’s Theatre.” 

Malone has been active in Somerset County’s theatre community ever since she was young, and went on to start the Allegra Theatre Department years ago, a staple school for musical and theatrical lessons for students of all ages and levels.

She is also involved in all aspects of play production, having experience as a light and sound designer, and as a costumer, lending a hand behind and on the stage.

Although her heart is embedded in drama, Malone is certified to teach many other subjects, including public speaking, English, and leadership. 

With her first play as director debuting soon and a surely successful career ahead, Nicky Malone is excited to bring her love and passion for drama to the next generation of HHS actors and actresses. For any great production and any great group of talented and driven students, there is a leader of equal greatness.