John Madden, an Iconic Football Coach and Broadcaster Passes Away


photo via Wikimedia Commons

John Madden in 2007.

Brandon Renaud, Staff Writer

Former iconic NFL head coach and broadcaster John Madden died on December 28th of 2021 at his home in Pleasanton, California at the age of 85 years old. Madden was a legendary head coach for the Oakland Raiders from 1969 to 1978 and made eight playoff appearances in his ten-year tenure with them. He became the youngest head coach in NFL history to accumulate 100 wins at 42 years of age and has the most wins in Raiders history to this very day. Madden achieved seven AFC titles and won Super Bowl XI against the Minnesota Vikings in 1976 by a score of 32-14. In addition, he has the highest winning percentage in NFL history (.750 winning percentage) by a coach who only appeared in 100 games and he never had a losing season with the Oakland Raiders.

With that being said, after his football career as a head coach was over he still had a deep passion for the game of football. John Madden decided to become a sports broadcaster for the NFL and that wound up being a major success for himself and the NFL. Madden covered all four major American television networks which were ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC. As a matter of fact, he was such an amazing broadcaster that he was invited to broadcast 11 Super Bowls and won 16 Emmy Awards for being an exceptional sports analyst. Those achievements alone showed how important and successful John Madden was on the mic and how he always made football games entertaining and exciting. Furthermore, Madden was known for humorous announcing style when he would say ¨Doink!¨, ¨Bang!¨, ¨Boom!¨, and many other funny terms to entertain viewers and appreciate football. His unconditional love for broadcasting caused other sports broadcasters to praise and honor his commitment to the game.                                

John Madden’s success and knowledge of the NFL was so popular Electronic Arts decided to establish the video game ¨John Madden Football¨ in 1988 which featured John Madden on the cover. John Madden was on the front cover of Madden from 1988 up until 2001 where notable players would eventually be on the front cover. As a result, Madden has been regarded as one of the greatest if not the best sports video game of all time. It has sold millions of copies across the United States and each and every year many people still continue to buy Madden to this very day. This goes to show you how respected John Madden was because the fact that his name was chosen to be on a video game represents the honor and admiration of his broadcasting skills and dedication to football. Due to all of these outstanding milestones he produced on and off the field, he was rightfully inducted into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame in August of 2006. 

Three days prior to his death, a new 90-minute documentary of ¨All Madden¨ made its debut on Christmas Day where it discusses his successes as a football coach and as a broadcaster. The documentary goes into depth about his personal life and a series of interviews of NFL legends on their perspectives about how impactful John Madden was for the game of football. Even though John Madden passed away three days after the documentary was released, it was a perfect ending to wrap up his legacy and the impact he had on the NFL and the sports world.