Chemistry teacher Ajana Iyer is Named 2022 Teacher of the Year


courtesy of Anjana Iyer

Ajana Iyer holds her certification for teacher of the year.

Brandon Renaud, Staff Writer

For many years, it has been a common HHS tradition for teachers to receive the teacher of the year award. This prestigious award is given to a teacher who executes leadership, dedication, commitment, and inspires students to be their best. Many teachers in HHS possess these traits but only one can walk away with this award and stand out amongst their fellow peers and teachers. That particular individual who separated themselves from the rest was Ajana Iyer who has been teaching chemistry for eleven years in HHS. Iyer has been regarded as one of the most respected and diligent teachers due to her natural ability to help students with patience and perseverance. 

 With that being said, when Mrs. Iyer found out that she won teacher of the year, she was humbled and pleased to receive that award.

¨It has been a difficult 20 months in education and every educator needs acknowledgment for all the hard work and perseverance through these tough times during the pandemic,” Iyer said. “I am happy and honored to have won the award but there are also many teachers who deserve the same.”

As you can see, Iyer was satisfied to be recognized as teacher of the year but also honored the other HHS teachers for putting their best foot forward during virtual learning. 

In addition, Iyer always keeps searching for new methods and tactics to help her students learn better and appreciate chemistry.

“Awards are definitely encouraging but they are not the only motivating factor,” Iyer said. “Even without them, I would always want to enhance my learning to be a better teacher every day. This is my 11th year, but I am still learning something new each year be it from my students, colleagues, or through other professional development. These awards make teachers more visible to the community but as an educator, you know you will be doing your job the best way you can with or without an award.¨ 

 Iyer has set the bar of what a teacher should be and she continues each and every day to enhance herself both as a teacher and as a person. As a result, her passion for teaching for eleven years took notice, and the hard work and impact she has imprinted on HHS resulted in her winning teacher of the year.