HHS Students Advocate for Social Change


Photo courtesy of Rebecca Ries

Students in the Social Activism Club discuss current issues.

Rebecca Ries, Staff Writer

Now more than ever, social issues are a stress-inducing topic, causing many young people to feel anxious and helpless. However, at HHS, students are taking the initiative to assert themselves into the dialogue of racism, climate change, women’s rights, and more, in order to spread awareness and bring positive change. This motivation for improvement has taken a specific form in the recent creations of the Social Activism Club and the Prejudice and Pride podcast. 

The Social Activism Club was started by junior Surayyah Fofana in 2021. Their monthly meetings focus on a specific topic that is relevant to the current social climate, and how to raise awareness about the issue and bring about local change. In the future, the group is planning on coordinating with other clubs in order to have more of an impact on the community. Through this outreach, they are hoping for more school-wide events, such as the ‘wear purple day’ this past October, which was in recognition of domestic violence awareness. 

Fofana, speaking on the importance of the group, expresses, “the Social Activism Club has been a safespace for myself, and other students a part of marginalized groups who seek to make long lasting and systemic change at our school.” Besides educating others, the club has learned from many prominent activists, such as anti-bias trainer and educator Janice Gassam, along with Meena Harris, the niece of vice president Kamala Harris. Hearing the experiences of these advocates helped to catapult the group’s own activism. 

Another effort to promote change takes shape in the Prejudice and Pride podcast, a student facilitated speaking platform where students of different backgrounds can voice their opinions and experiences in regards to race, ethnicity, bias, and more. They have already published their first episode, which is currently available on Spotify and Anchor, and will be available on additional streaming platforms soon. They are hoping to publish more episodes in the coming months about an array of issues. 

Their slogan “We will not shy away from the conversation” showcases one of the main purposes of the platform, which is to encourage debate in a respectful environment, while addressing difficult topics that they truly care about. 

These approaches of fostering meaningful discussions of the problems that plague Americans today truly exemplifies the persistence that HHS students have for change and open-mindedness.