Hillsborough Ice Hockey Defeats West Orange In NJSIAA Tournament


Photo credits to Jenny Cunkleman

Hillsborough Raiders hockey team celebrating their win over West Orange.

Brandon Renaud, Staff Writer

The Hillsborough Raiders Ice Hockey Team (12-4-3) defeated West Orange (9- in the first round of the NJSIAA tournament at the Flemington Ice Arena. Hillsborough was coming in as the second seed and West Orange was the fifteen-seeded team where the Raiders easily cruised past West Orange. The Raiders crushed West Orange by a score of 7-1 thanks to the magnificent teamwork effort from Patrick Lewicki, Jacob Roseman, Holden Stack, Evan Vadola, and many others. It was a victory embraced by both the players and first-year head coach Beuk Forrest who has been a contributing factor to the Raiders success. 

In the first period, the Raiders immediately pounced and took over West Orange by a score of 5-1. The first point scored was by Holden Stack due to assists from both Paul Fedora and Evan Vadola with 13:16 on the clock.  About two minutes later, the Raiders attacked West Orange again and this time it was Evan Vadola who scored a point thanks to an assist from Nathan Kondratiuk. Hillsborough took a 2-0 lead and West Orange had difficulties finding ways to stop the Raiders offense on two quick points. However, West Orange responded by a point scored from Jack Olsen as that would be the final point West Orange could produce. After Jack Olsen scored, Patrick Lewicki would score two quick points and Jacob Roseman scored the final point in the first period. As a result, the Raiders were up 5-1 as they carved up West Orange´s defense with ease with momentum in their favor. 

Going into the second period with optimism, both teams executed spectacular defense, and there was only one point scored which came from the Raiders. Nolan Collison registered his only point in the game from an assist to Patrick Lewicki with 10:19 on the clock to tack on six points against West Orange´s only point. After Nolan´s score, both teams failed to register any points and it was a defensive slugfest that lasted up until the final period where Hillsborough would finish off West Orange. 

In the final period, Holden Stack who scored the first point in the game would score the final one due to assists from Nathan Kondratiuk and Nolan Collison. The Raiders would cap the game with a win as the final score was 7-1 where Hillsborough snapped their two-game losing streak. With that being said, Holden Stack led the Raiders in goals with two, Nathan Kondratiuk had the most assists with three, Patrick Lewicki produced the most points with three, and Jason LoRicco recorded 20 saves. Those were the game leaders for the Raiders and they will compete against Ridge High School on March 2nd in the semifinal round of the NJSIAA tournament.