Hillsborough Robotics Team Claims District Winner


Photo courtesy of Grace Liu

The RoboRaiders’ Drive Team at the Bridgewater District Competition, preparing for an upcoming match.

Alexa Gibson and Grace Liu

On March 5th, Team 75 RoboRaiders—Hillsborough High School’s robotics team—officially began their competition season at Bridgewater-Raritan High School. The district competition’s qualifying matches that took place on Saturday did not go as well as intended for the RoboRaiders, with their robot facing many electrical challenges. However, in between their last two matches, Team 75 was able to fix the robot’s electrical problems and recalibrate its shooter, ending Saturday on a high note.

On Sunday, after doing well in the remaining qualifiers, the RoboRaiders were chosen to join the alliance of the 4th place team, Team Aperture from Newton High School. Aperture saw the potential that RoboRaiders’ sudden success belied. From there, the RoboRaiders’ alliance—made up of Team Aperture and Team Pingry—won match after match, ultimately claiming the title of District Winner after defeating the other finalists. The RoboRaiders’ technical crews had been able to take decisive action to overcome Saturday’s pitfalls and climb to the top, with their adept drive team at the helm.

Even after being minted District Event Winners, the RoboRaiders are far from taking their eyes off the prize, continuing to make improvements to their robot as they prepare for their next competition at Montgomery.