Garba Hits the Boro Earlier Than Usual


Darshini Vijay

Seniors display their Garba fits with pride and joy. (bottom row, from left: Jasmine Iyer, Nisha Patel; top: Rohan Giri, Sheryl Thomas, Allyson Lee, Darshini Vijay, Anya Shah)

Nivedha Karthikeyan, Staff writer

Fall has finally arrived, and so has Garba season! Its time to bring back some traditional Gujarati dances and have some fun. What’s better than having a Garba night at our own High School? Hold on to your dupattas everyone, get your dandiya sticks out, and get ready to dance!

The dance form of Garba has been modified and transformed over the years and will most likely continue to change as time goes on. It’s purpose remains the same though-to worship feminine divinity. The dance form is traditionally performed during the time of a hindu festival, Navratri. Garba is usually practiced around a statue/portrait of the goddess Shakti or around a deep, otherwise known as a lamp. The performers form a circle while dancing and moving in a counterclockwise direction.

A plethora of students and adults head over to the Hillsborough Garba every year, with plenty of returning and new folks enjoying the experience. Though in past years mainly followers of the Hindu religion attended the event, as time passed, the occasion slowly started to gain more admiration. Even those of other religions enjoy coming to the Garba and appreciating the celebration. Many students invited other friends, including peers from other school districts.

“It was fun to experience garba after years of not having it,” senior Darshini Vijay commented. “I loved dancing with all of my friends and getting all dressed up.”

A recent graduate (Class of ’22) also came back to the HHS to celebrate the Hindu religion.

“It was nice coming back to the high school with my friends and seeing everyone dancing,” alumnus Nikhil Chandrasekhar said. “It was pretty cool seeing new faces and those of different religions celebrating Navratri.”

Clearly, the 2022 HHS Garba was definitely a success. There was a mix of experienced dancers and new-learners, but in the end, everyone enjoyed the Garba and had a great time. This year’s Garba season may have come to an end, but the HHS Garba tradition will continue to live on!