MSG was Harry’s House for Fifteen Nights… And HHS Students Paid Their Rent!

Harry Styles shines on the MSG stage.

Madi Crouthamel

Harry Styles shines on the MSG stage.

Dani Biondi, Staff writer

The Beatlemania-era craze is back, and in the form of another British pop musician: Harry Styles. He’s amassed a fanbase of millions— from teens to golf dads —and recently performed fifteen sold out shows at Madison Square Garden this past August and September. Many of our students were seen stomping to “Satellite” and donning their best feather boas for the show. 

“The community and environment at Harry shows is so welcoming and safe. You feel like you truly belong and everyone is one big family. The amount of compliments you give and receive is one of my favorite things about the shows,” senior Hannah Kunkiewicz said.

Clearly, Styles’s fans have adopted his mantra: Treat People With Kindness.

So, how did Styles sell out fifteen consecutive nights at Madison Square Garden? It might have something to do with what he represents to his fans, as well as common threads they share.

“Everyone knows [Harry] is a kind person. We both choose not to eat meat, and I love that I share this belief with him,” sophomore Mary Reily said  

There’s a lot to love about Harry Styles; his positive attitude, his music’s themes surrounding self-expression and vulnerability, and his eccentric stage presence has struck a chord with millions.

Harry Styles’s Love on Tour has visited not only New York City, but Austin and Chicago as well, and is currently playing in Los Angeles for a grand total of forty-two shows in the US. In the upcoming months, Styles and his band will be touring in South America and Europe. From onstage advice to dance contests with his band members onstage, Harry Styles has mastered the art of sharing boundless joy to his audiences around the world.

Whether you’ve been jamming to “Sign of the Times” since 2017 or you just discovered what “the Grapejuice blues” are, Harry Styles’s fanbase is truly a tight-knit and diverse group. The Madison Square Garden residency may have ended in September, but our students are still “in a daydream,” bedazzled by the love and camaraderie shared at their shows.