Taylor Swift has everyone staying up for her new hit album: “Midnights”


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“Midnights”, Taylor Swift’s 10th album is her best to date.

Carolina Giordano, Staff writer

As the clock struck twelve on Oct. 21 2022, Taylor Swift released her 10th studio album: Midnights. This album came as a shock to some; many fans thought Swift was planning to re-record one of her older albums. Little did they know, she had a surprise up her sleeve. Midnights consists of 13 tracks that describe 13 sleepless nights. Each song describes Swift’s sweet dreams, as well as her wicked nightmares.

The various songs Swift composed in this album fall under the musical genre of electronic pop and psychedelic. Midnights is a combination of soft beats, echoing tones, and beautifully composed lyrics used to convey different scenes in her life. One of the biggest hits on the album is “Anti-Hero”, which occupies the Spotify record of most streams on release day with 17.3 million streams. “Anti-Hero” follows Swift as she describes how people can be their own inner demons.

Another anticipated song on the album is “Snow on the Beach”, which is a collaboration between Swift and famous indie rock artist Lana Del Ray. “Snow on the Beach” broke the record for Spotify’s most single day streams for a female collaboration with 15 million streams. Besides her record-breaking songs, Swift didn’t stop there. At 3:00 a.m. on Oct. 21 she released seven bonus tracks under Midnights (3AM Edition). Swift’s secrets and surprises show fans that she is truly the mastermind of the generation.

Midnights has been Swift’s most groundbreaking album to date. It holds the record for the biggest album debut in Spotify history with 184.6 million streams on release day. Ten out of the 13 Midnights tracks hold the top 10 songs on the Billboard Hot 100. Swift is also the first artist in Spotify history to get over 200 million streams in a single day. Her array of achievements continues to pave the way for women in the music industry.

Midnights is some of Swift’s best work yet. This album shows how much she has matured over the years, and how she has grown into the music industry. It is truly sensational to see how Swift creates a brand new album consisting of unexplored musical territory. She steps out of her comfort zone by taking this leap of faith, and it has proved to be successful. Swift is welcoming a new era in her musical career, and fans are ecstatic about it. It’s safe to say that Swift has everyone meeting her at midnight.