Girls Tennis has Season to Remember


Neha Rahul

Members of the girls tennis team hold senior mementos.

Neha Rahul, Staff writer

The HHS Girls Tennis team can be described in many ways, but for most players it has become more than an ordinary sports team, to say the least. To this group of 23, they are more than just some tennis team, but through these past weeks they have become a family, filled with familiar faces and some of their best friends. being able to spend these last few months playing one of their favorite sports alongside some of their best friends is more than anything they could’ve asked for when choosing to join the team! 

The HHS Girls Varsity & JV tennis teams, coached by Larry Johnson, have both had seasons that could only be described as striking this past fall, with the season coming to a close this past week on Oct. 27. Ending the 2022-2023 fall season with 10-4 record making it all the way to states before their season came to an end.

These girls have been working their hardest on and off court, not only during the main season but along during preseason and during rigorous training through mandatory camp over the summer, to prepare and give the team their all this summer. After weeks of camps and try-outs it can be seen that all these girls rightfully fought for their individual spots on the team and their talent can be seen throughout their stats this last season.

But these girls weren’t just working on their tennis skills, but also working off court in order to support their team. Having a main online fundraiser this past season in which they were able to raise $5000+ for their team, through help from friends, family, and our amazing community. 

When asking some of the newer team members their thoughts on the season, Freshman President, and JV team member, Isabella He describes her experience this past season.

“At the beginning of the season, I really didn’t cherish all of the practices  and when everybody would sing the same two songs after away games on the bus, but once the end of the season banquet started approaching quicker and quicker, I felt bittersweet and sad that the season would end,” He said. “I loved every moment that I’ve spent with some of my best friends on the court.” 

This team has had an impact on almost every member of the team in its own unique ways, and for some newer team members it has even helped them meet some of their best friends and peers during this weird transition into high school. While also being able to learn from their more experienced teammates as well.

Senior varsity team member, Riya Merchant, who has been a member of the team all four years reflected on her journey.

“All the upperclassmen I’ve met on the team really helped guide me during my freshman and sophomore year when i was still getting the hang of thing, and they were really helpful and always positive,” Merchant said. 

With the season now over, we looked upon asking a few players how they felt about this, with freshman JV player Maya Merchant writing, “it was a pretty successful season and I’m sad that it’s over, but I think everybody on the team played extremely well throughout this past season as well.”  

Overall, the team has had another spectacular season, this year, and knowing the potential of these players, we can look forward to many more amazing seasons in the years to come!