Tom Malinowski Approaches End of Four Year Term


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Tom Malinowski, former NJ-07 Congressional district representative.

Hailey Desai, Staff writer

NJ- District 7 Representative Tom Malinoski is approaching the end of his four year term in Congress at the beginning of the new year. This November, Malinowski went against former New Jersey General Assemblyman Tom Kean Jr, and following a tight race, in which Malinowski lost by a narrow margin of 1.8%, Kean will now be representing District 7 in the new year. 

In the Obama administration, Malinowski held the position of Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor. Previously, he had served as the senior director for the National Security Council at the White House from 1998-2001. When elected in 2019, Malinowski became the first Democratic representative of NJ-7 since 1956. 

Even as the end of his term is approaching, he strives to finish his commitments to the citizens of NJ-7. He aimed to pass a bill codifying same-sex and interracial marriage into law, which was completed on Dec. 13. He also hopes to pass legislature regarding increased aid to Ukraine, an extremely important issue to him. 

Although disappointed at the loss, Malinowski faced a tough race in this year’s elections as New Jersey was redistricted by Democrats, and District 7 faced the incorporation of more Republican townships. Malinowski is open to new opportunities and is grateful that he helped the people of District 7 during his four-year term. 

Throughout the 116th and 117th Congress, Malinowski introduced 61 pieces of legislation and cosponsored over 955. He passed the Enablers Act, a bipartisan bill that addressed and overhauled years of anti money laundering laws. Furthermore, he passed legislation regarding the impact of social media algorithms in promoting harmful ideas and content that led to violence. 

As the new term approaches, Malinowski wants the citizens of NJ-7 to enter this new term with an open mind, regardless of their political beliefs, as he believes that every newly elected politician deserves a fair chance to prove that they can best represent their citizens.