SCOIR: Useful or Not?


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SCOIR’s personalized college quiz.

Omika Savant, Staff Writer

With another year of high school comes another year of choices. When students have been told that the decisions made at this point are likely to determine the future, queries begin to arise. Fortunately, where there are questions there are answers, and SCOIR may be the answer to this one. 

Within the last few years, HHS has started offering assistance from SCOIR to students. SCOIR is a website that helps high schoolers ascertain which colleges will work out best for them based on their academic, location, and job preferences. Additionally, it provides career insight and access to college applications.

Although the tool seems helpful on the surface, not all students see eye to eye on the matter.

“I don’t use it, but I think it would be helpful,” freshman Inika Kadakia said, pointing out the fact that SCOIR can be used to help people find out what will work best for them which is always beneficial.

On the other hand, some students think the introduction of the site may be pushing people to make decisions that they aren’t ready to make yet. Not only do most adolescents fail to have an idea of a future career path, but those that do rarely stick with it regardless. Thus, is it wise to rush into the forthcoming stages of life?  

“I don’t like the idea of it because it seems stressful,” freshmanCynthia Lei said, mentioning that for some students, especially freshmen, thinking about college so soon is overwhelming. 

Evidently, students differ in their opinions on SCOIR; some think it is an acceptable addition to the school’s resources while others claim it is a way of expediting a process that takes time. Nonetheless, it certainly looks like it is here to stay, so whether or not the high schoolers of HHS choose to utilize it is up to them.