A Time of Giving


by Nivedha Karthikeyan

The yearly toy drive is just one way our community helps those in need.

Nivedha Karthikeyan, Staff writer

The Christmas spirit is everywhere! This school year, the HHS Interact Club took the gracious initiative to participate in a Toy Drive this December. Teachers, students, and administrators were all encouraged to take part in this festive activity. All donations were greatly appreciated and were enough to put a smile on children’s faces.

Toy drives are charity events that accept donations given to those in need. Typically toy drives are conducted during the month of December as they are held with regards to Christmas. The donations made helped provide less-privileged children with opportunities to explore toys and activities that weren’t previously available to them.

The Interest club participated in the Holiday Toy Donation hosted by Project Self-Sufficiency. By partaking in this activity, many more children were blessed with gifts and goodies this holiday season. All proceeds were given out to children and teens located in the New Jersey counties of Sussex, Northern Warren and Northern Morris.

Donations were collected throughout the duration of December and were distributed after the holidays. The Interest club had set up numerous drop-off stations around the school in attempts to gather toys and other gifts. Fortunately, the high school holds various benefactors ready to donate and give back to the community. Not to mention, the toy drive has gained attention regardless of the amount of gifts collected.

“I found the Toy Drive to be a very wholesome experience as it not only benefits the children receiving the toys, but also those who gave them,” freshman Neha Dewkar said. “To me, it really made my day knowing that I put a smile on someone’s face.”

This year’s Toy Drive was definitely a success and deserves recognition for the lives it changed. Just one simple donation can make a difference. The Interest Club’s efforts were undoubtedly appreciated and allowed many children to enjoy their holidays. Even if not everyone contributed to the toy drive, there will always be more opportunities to do so. Regardless of the amount of toys collected, the event was much needed and was truly a time worth remembering.