Amy Rachilla Nets 1,000 Career Points


by Kristen Caruso

Senior Amy Rachilla celebrates reaching 1,000 career points.

Rebecca Ries, Editor-in-Chief

As the girls basketball team closes out its season with an admirable 16-11 record, senior Amy Rachilla ended the season with a remarkable accomplishment: the 1,000 career points milestone, achieved over the course of her four years in the program. Rachilla has played on the varsity team for all of her high school career, and led the team as captain in 2023. She was thrilled to finally reach this achievement. 

“One thousand career points has always been a goal of mine since my freshman year, Rachilla said. “Achieving this milestone has taught me to never give up on something even if it seems extreme. In the moment, I was so happy and proud of myself for making this moment come true.”

Rachilla’s journey to this milestone took the course of four years, and truly shows her growth in ability and her perseverance throughout. In her first year on varsity in the 2019-2020 season, she earned 67 points. This was a strong start, especially for a freshman, who often receive less playing time. 

In her sophomore year, she gained an additional 103 points, which is notable due to the circumstances of the time. The 2020-2021 season was marked by COVID-19 outbreaks, severe snowstorms, multiple push backs to the start of the season, and frequent game cancellations. The team only played 11 games that season, when they usually play almost 30 in normal years. Rachilla’s 103 points for such a short and chaotic season is a true testament to her abilities. 

Rachilla’s junior year (2021-2022) was quite successful. Hillsborough made it to the county semifinals against Gill St. Bernard’s, and all the way to state finals against the formidable Westfield. With a season record of 18-9, the team had many skilled players, including alumni Tanya Shah, Melissa Dorrler, and Olivia Gasper. Rachilla played alongside these seniors and earned 416 points for the season, making her the team leader in points. 

In her last season, Rachilla began coming close to the 1,000 point landmark, and played as consistent and skilled as ever. She officially reached this milestone in the team’s county quarterfinal game against tough opponent Franklin. Hillsborough lost in a close score of 54-50, but Rachilla finally reached the milestone, achieving an official 1,009 cumulative points by the end of the game. Her season total is 478, after their last game at the state quarterfinals, her most points so far as well. 

When asked about how she was able to attain 1,000 points, she reflected on her time in practice and the many hours she put into improving her game.

“Everyday I would be ready to put in the work with my team to go out and compete. I would always do the drills 110% no matter how tired I was that day,” Rachilla said. “If I finished a shooting drill early, I would find another drill to do for me to get more shots up. Consistency is key!” 

With the season officially at a close after a successful run, Rachilla looks back on her time with the team, and how it impacted her in multiple positive ways. 

“Basketball has brought me so many friends regardless of grade,” she said. “I will miss all my teammates that have graduated already or are still going to be in the program. They have pushed me to be the best player I can be and have gotten me to where I am.”

She voices her gratitude for all that the program has done for her, and though leaving is bittersweet, she is appreciative of the memories and bonds she has created. 

“I will miss all my coaches from my freshman to senior year that have put me in the right position to grow as a basketball player and an individual,” Rachilla said. “The leadership and communication skills that basketball has given me will always be with me for the rest of my life.”