Summer Volunteering: The Summer of Service


courtesy of Omika Savant

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Omika Savant, Staff writer

This year, the Hillsborough Department of Special Services lends a helping hand to students aged 14 and up by offering volunteering services during summer. The program, called ESY (Extended School Year), is for students in self-contained classes who need a refresher on their previous curriculum. 

It is not a secret that many students want volunteering hours as a resume perk for future job applications. In addition to this, however, the experience is also much needed and appreciated by many. 

With this service opportunity, students can meet their own needs by helping others in need! How perfect is that? 

Speaking in favor of the program is freshman Sonakshi Singhal. 

“I think the program is really helpful because you don’t have to go far and can get hours so easily,” Singhal said. 

It seems relatively safe to say that most people are on the same page about this. If not, this next point may be the one to change your mind. 

While the work itself offers job experience, additional opportunities exist too. The department does not accept just anyone; interviews will be completed for everyone wishing to participate. This is sure to give students who have not yet had a job the chance to see how the interview process works. For other students, it is another opportunity to experience a professional interview too. 

Although not every student will be able to be eligible for the volunteering chance, every student will gain exposure from the experience. So, if you are looking for a chance to help others – and have a rewarding experience – interviews start in May.