Spring Fling Dance Returns to HHS


Rebecca Ries

The Sophomore Class Cabinet stands ready to welcome in students to the dance.

Rebecca Ries

With the arrival of spring comes a new tradition to HHS- well, somewhat new at least. The Spring Fling Dance, a long retired event for the school, made its return to the HHS commons on Fri. March 3. After many years since its last appearance, the announcement of the dance spurred excitement within the school.

The Spring Fling was planned chiefly by the sophomore class cabinet, along with assistance from the freshman class cabinet as well. Sophomore officer Isabella Distasio is one of the members of the cabinet, and reflected on the inspiration for the event. 

We wanted to give the underclassmen a chance to come together for a dance since they aren’t offered a prom,” Distasio said. “The Spring Fling was a big event in the past and we want to work to build it back up to what it used to be.” 

Working with the class advisors, teachers Kim Losch and Dana Richens, the sophomore cabinet planned the dance over the course of multiple months. Sophomore officer Heather Mullins credits the group’s teamwork in regards to the planning of the event. 

Working with the other sophomore cabinet members and advisors is a lot of fun because we all work together and get along pretty well,” Mullins said. 

The Spring Fling proved to be a success. At only 10 dollars a ticket, students of all grades came out for the dance, dressed in colorful dresses or khakis and a dress shirt. The HHS Yearbook staff made an appearance, running a photo area where students could strike a pose with their friends. Fairy lights were strung up on the walls, giving the commons a warm glow. 

The DJ’s, after playing techno beats for the first 20 minutes while students mingled around the concessions table, began blasting recent hits and throwback jams, drawing people to the dance floor. Dance circles formed, and students jumped and moved as their favorite songs came on. Highlights include the formation of a long conga line, a Mamma Mia inspired dance circle to the ABBA song “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!”, and even Irish step dancing.

The night was full of laughs, dance moves, and most importantly, good times with friends. Positive memories were made throughout the evening, and with pictures to look back on, it surely won’t be a night to forget. 

“I enjoyed being able to hang out with my friends…while also getting dressed up and making a night of it,” senior Maddie Benedetti said. 

“My favorite part was getting everyone up to dance by starting the conga line,” senior Anastasia Ramirez said. 

By the end of the night, the dance was deemed a success. Sophomore class advisor Dana Richens looked back on the evening with pride and happiness surrounding the fun and festive time that the attendees had. 

“I am so proud of the decorations and ambiance we created with a limited budget. I thought everything looked fantastic!” Richens said. “I would be willing to do it again if there was student interest.”