Colin Kaepernick’s knee heard ’round the country


By Mike Morbeck courtesy of WikiMedia Commons

Colin Kaepernick, an unsigned quarterback, started a simple protest which now turned into a country-wide movement.

Ty Kang, Staff writer

A worldwide movement heard across the country, all started with one simple gesture and one man. In the 2016 NFL preseason, Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem. A simple protest that held so much more meaning than a knee.

Now, the movement has grown to numerous players across the NFL. The protest has grown to not only other players, but to other players in different sports. Kaepernick’s protest has rippled to women’s soccer, college football, and even high school football.  

Kaepernick’s reasoning for kneeling during the national anthem is he believes this country oppresses black or colored people. He will not show pride for the country until an action takes place for this. Kaepernick has the right to peacefully protest, and I see both sides of the argument.

I think despite what is going on in the world, that Kaepernick should stand for the anthem. Standing for the anthem is a sign of respect and honors the great liberties and  freedoms as granted to all citizens. There are people fighting for our country to keep our freedom, and to keep Kaepernick and everyone safe.

Although Kaepernick kneels to show protest against the country oppressing people of color, his message is disrespecting the country as a whole. Instead, Kaepernick and other players can handle this situation differently; a way that can seem less controversial. Perhaps, Kaepernick can discuss his opinions and views with the president. This will be a huge step forward for resolving these issues, and having this country come as one.