Sean Levonaitis: the future of Hillsborough football


courtesy of Andy Diaz

Freshman Sean Levonaitis navigates through the defense in a varsity game against Plainfield.

Ty Kang, Staff writer

Rushing for close to 80 yards and scoring a touchdown in your first varsity game is what many players wish to do; it is even better when you have three more years of high school left.

Freshman Sean Levonaitis is just like any other freshman in high school; he enjoys hanging out with his friends and having a good time. However, there is one thing he does perhaps little bit better than anyone else: playing football. Levonaitis has been excelling thus far on the field after recently being called up to the varsity roster a couple of games into the season. During his eighth grade season, he consistently filled up the stat sheets and expected nothing less when suiting up for high school football.

Although it has been hard playing much greater competition, Levonaitis is grateful for the opportunity. While he is one of the shortest on the field, he plays with the ferocity of a seasoned veteran.

“Its’s a great opportunity, but at moments it’s very challenging,” Levonaitis said. “However, I enjoy being on it [varsity] because of the better competition. Playing with older kids makes me better and I learn from them.”

Like most freshmen, Levonaitis is new to the school. He had to adjust to a new schedule, different people, and much harder classes. Juggling academics, football, and a life outside of school will get very challenging for Levonaitis. Despite the new atmosphere, Levonaitis hopes to get accustomed to his school quickly.

“To adjust easier to the school, I asked people multiple questions about the work and how to enjoy it,” Levonaitis said. “My sister showed me everything and gave me advice on what to do and what not to do.”

Levonaitis is taking in every moment he can, and will look to improve his skill against the better competition. He hopes to continue his success at the highest possible level, so be on the lookout for Sean Levonaitis in the halls and on the grid iron for the next three years.