Halloween playlist to get your spook on

Bobby Pickett's

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Bobby Pickett's "Monster Mash" is the classic Halloween track. All others follow Pickett's lead.

Lindsey Baum, Staff writer

Music: it’s the great equalizer among all people. For every predicament, every heartbreak, every occasion, there are a whole list of songs to suit your fancy. This is true as well for Halloween, which features an impressive song list. This is the official playlist for Halloween, perfect for trick or treating or Halloween parties alike.

  1. “Monster Mash”- The Halloween song to end all Halloween songs, the Monster Mash may, in fact, be one of the best holiday songs of all time. With an upbeat, poppy melody, the song provides the perfect rhythm to dance, chill, or crank over speakers at parties. A simple, repetitive hook allows exciting sing-alongs, making this song an instant classic for the ages.
  2. “Thriller”- Michael Jackson knew how to make a song, and that shows in this seminal anthem. A strong hook and beat make this the perfect song to tap your foot or bop your head to. Additionally, for a strong dash of spooky Halloween goodness, check out the video, which features scary zombies and some sweet dance moves from the King of Pop himself.
  3. “Flying Purple People Eater”- Despite a lack of a traditional link to Halloween, this song’s message of flying monsters and being eaten by them shows a strong correlation with the ideals of Halloween. As all elementary schools are well-versed in this song, it makes it the perfect song for a sing along at Halloween parties or events, or even while walking as you trick or treat.
  4. “This is Halloween”- Featured in a movie about Christmas, this song includes interesting orchestration and spooky dialogue to create a creepy mood. As the song only includes the lyric “This is Halloween” being repeated over and over again, the lyrics are relatively easy to learn, making it a great song to blast at Halloween parties.