Winter Arts Festival showcases artistic talent


by Lindsey Baum

The Winter Arts Festival showcased an assortment of talented art works from first semester art students.

Lindsey Baum and Meghan Patel

High school can be seen as a place for grades and all things academic, yet it also offers something else: the chance to explore an alternative area of study. One of the requirements for graduation is two semesters of art-related electives.

In these electives, which include AP Studio Art, Cartooning, Photography, and Advanced Drawing, students are able to showcase their first semester work in the Winter Arts Festival. This exhibition allows students to receive the admiration and credit they deserve after working hard all semester long. It also offers a chance for the students themselves to see the work of their classmates and other students in the school.

The exhibition took place from Jan. 10-11, during school hours. Displayed in the art wing, the drawings, sculptures, photographs, and paintings were hung up with labels of the artist’s name, grade, title, and course. From simplistic drawings to detailed portraits, all of the art displayed showed creativity and reflected hard work.

“I was so amazed at the pieces in the art festival,” senior Savannah Hunter said. “It’s so encouraging to know that such talented and young minds have a safe outlet to channel themselves through.”

All of the art pieces displayed were created by current HHS students, several of whom are in the Tri-M Honor Society, honoring high achievers in the arts.

Several other classes came to visit during the exhibition to admire their peers’ work, and the response was overwhelmingly positive; all who attended left impressed with the creativity and artistic talent displayed at HHS.

There will also be a spring art exhibit at the end of the second semester, to showcase HHS students taking an art class in that time period.