Berliner brings care and experience to the math classroom


by Ty Kang

Math teacher Elizabeth Berliner reviews her midterm with her period 4/6 class.

Ty Kang, Staff writer

At HHS, teachers impact the daily lives of all students. Whether making your day better or worse, teachers always leave a lasting impression on all students. One of the teachers here at HHS happens to be one that positively impacts the lives of all her students.

Elizabeth Berliner, a math teacher here at HHS, has been teaching since October of 1986. She teaches all levels of math, but mostly teaches algebra 2 and math analysis. Living in Pennsylvania as a child, she applied to all NJ schools because the salaries there were higher than those offered in PA.

“I grew up in PA and one of my friend’s dad had a listing from East Stroudsburg that had NJ schools listed in the career search,” Berliner said. “I applied to all NJ schools because the starting salary was $18,500 and PA was paying around $13,000 at the time.”

Teaching for so many years, Berliner still finds joy in teaching in the same school for over twenty years. She still has the same passion for teaching when she first started.

“I love math and have great classes and enjoy the interaction with my students,” Berliner said.

Berliner makes a great impact on her students and they enjoy coming to her class everyday. She makes learning easier for her students and tries to help them everyday. Junior Rupak Stephen believes Berliner helped him grow as a student and succeed in a challenging math course.

“She gave us hard problems to do which challenged us, and she didn’t except nothing but the best from her students,” Stephen said. “She was always enthusiastic about learning, and she pushed us to excel.”

While we do not know how long she will continue to teach here at HHS, her great attitude towards learning and teaching will have a great impact on all of her students.