Spirit Night videos are nearing debuts


courtesy of Karen Bingert

The requirements and rules for the video that each grade needs to follow has been released and videos are in production stages.

Ty Kang, Staff writer

With spirit night less than a month away, all projects are in full swing. The video is always a treasured gem of the Spirit Night festivities and the Voice spoke to directors or actors from each grade about their plots and what viewers can expect from each grade’s film.

Freshman Rocco George is the director of the Class of 2021 film along with Heather Suraci and both serve as the main characters too. The video follows the theme of parties, as a new kid meets a group of kids who each reflects a different class. Students take this new kid to different parties trying to introduce him to everyone, but they are all separated by their respective theme.

After finishing in last place in its debut year, the Class of 2020 hope to do better. Directing the video this year will be Liam Smith, who hopes to improve the video. The video consists of three friends who decide to play Candyland. After playing, they get sucked into the board game, and the only way to make it out is by making it to Candy Castle. The main characters in the film will be Alex Marsh, Nick Fox, and Lucas Klein.

After winning the video last year as a sophomores, juniors and director Joey Dunphey plan to impress again. The Class of 2019’s theme is, “Junior Jazz”, and will showcase a group of high school students who want to bring back jazz to compete with today’s mainstream music. Ryan Wilke and Dan Salazar will star as the main characters.

After showing much improvement throughout their previous years, the Class of 2018 looks to produce their best film yet. Elijah Peace will be the director of the film, with himself, Raphael George, Abigail Karolewski, Aron Lauan, and Pat Vinchur as the main characters. In their film, the daughter of the mayor gets kidnapped by the villain, Dirty Dan. The mayor recruits a squad to try to save the day and return the daughter.

From the looks of the plots, these Spirit Night short films will provide great entertainment. These films will debut the day of Spirit Night on May 4.