Junior Prom 2018

Ty Kang, Staff writer

Courtesy of Brooke McCormick
Juniors Alex Hughes, Raven Murray, Riya Desai, Brooke McCormick, and Corey Moon pose at junior prom.
Courtesy of Brooke McCormick
Juniors Clare Hanlon, Brooke McCormick, and Cassidy Bayer show their bright smiles before they depart for prom.
Courtesy of Gina Dorsey
Juniors Gina Dorsey and Brooke McCormick show off their dresses before prom.
Courtesy Jack Renz
Sophomore Allison Watson and Junior Jack Renz pose before the big night.
Courtesy of Eric Booth
Juniors strike the classic prom pose before leaving for the evening’s festivities.
Courtesy of Eric Booth
Juniors Ryan Sanfillippo, Sean McGrath, Sean Ostergren, Ryan Wilke, and sophomore Tom Ramsey clean up well for prom.
Courtesy of Eric Booth
Girls show off their beautiful corsages.
Courtesy of Lindsey Baum
A group of friends show off their sharp suits and serious grills before the dance.