Girls tennis doubles teams dominating matches


courtesy of Jackie Eschbach

Seniors Hanna Kim and Cynthia Puleo celebrate winning a point in a recent doubles match.

Lexi Nielsen, Staff writer

The girls tennis team is full of talent, but the doubles teams have particularly been killing it on the court. The doubles partnerships have been performing very well in their games, and seem to be one of the girls tennis team’s strongest points.

On Sept. 14, the girls tennis team hosted North Hunterdon. In their doubles match, senior Hanna Kim and junior Esha Sinha won in two sets. The score for the first set was 6-3 and 6-4 in the second.

The reason for the doubles team’s success is their love for the sport, and how they make sure to have fun while giving their best effort to win. The seniors who play the doubles position especially have learned to love what they do; they make the sport as fun as possible for the whole team.

“Tennis is better this year because I have good partners, Cynthia Puleo and Esha Sinha,” Kim said. “We are having a lot more fun, but we’re trying to be really efficient and smart about how we play.”

Senior Devon Klaproth also explained how exciting the doubles position can be to play, and how she finds the sport very fun and exciting with her teammates.

“I have played 1st doubles varsity for two years now and I love that position so much,” Klaproth said. “There is so much competition and consistency associated with that spot that excites me whenever I get on the court.”

On Sept. 14,  against visiting North Hunterdon, Klaproth and junior Shravya Kamaraju also won in two sets. The scores were 7-6 in the first set and 6-4 in the second set. 

These wins do not come easily to the players in the doubles position. These girls work very hard, practice almost every day, and strive for success in their matches.

“There is a lot of strategy that goes into each match when playing doubles, and that is the main reason why I have a desire to play that type of tennis,” Klaproth said.

Overall, the girls in the doubles position work extremely hard to perform well in their matches; the amount of fun they have while playing is just the icing on the cake.