Boro Superfans bring the needed spice to bleachers


by Jardin Jacoby

The five "Boro Superfans," from left to right: Matt Palmer, Cassidy Bayer, Joey Dunphey, Gabby Vangeli, and Sean Ostergren.

Jardin Jacoby, Staff writer

On the nights of football, volleyball, hockey, and basketball games, you can be sure to find a group of enthusiastic students painted in bright colors and yelling at-the top of their lungs. They´re not just the typical Raider fans, they are the Superfans. This elite group is made up of five students, all of who were hand selected by last year’s Superfans.

They are in-charge of organizing events, setting the themes, and getting the crowd pumped. As soon as the themes for games are announced, the group will send out a notification on the Superfans group chat on Facebook. Hundreds of students follow the account and wait until they get the update to go out shopping for that week’s game.

This year’s Superfans are seniors Cassidy Bayer, Joey Dunphey, Sean Ostergren, Gabby Vangeli, and Matt Palmer. Each one brings something different to the group.

“They are full of energy and constantly doing something new,” senior Teresa Buzzoni said. ¨Without them coming up with the weekly spirits, everyone would be so lost and confused at games.¨

Without the Boro Superfans, sporting events would be boring and drab. No one would coordinate, and the school would not form into one unit. They organize the throwing of baby powder and balloons. This Friday´s theme is blackout, and will be home against Phillipsburg.