Class of 2022 campaign for class cabinet positions


by Lexi Nielsen

Freshman Luke Moleski stands in front of one of his campaign posters.

Lexi Nielsen, Staff writer

On Oct. 15, the freshman class of 2022 will cast their votes for class cabinet elections. The freshman class will choose between different candidates for a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. The four students who are elected for a class cabinet position will represent their grade for the rest of the year.

Freshman students Luke Moleski, Rushil Sharan, Aanya Pidiath, and Jackson Barajas have been campaigning for president this past week with posters around the school, and they are looking to make their grade very proud.

“I wanted to run for president because I’ve realized not much was done in middle school, and I know that I’ll put in the work to give the students what they want,” Moleski said. “I would listen to everyone that gives suggestions to me, and try to make their suggestions happen.”

Other candidates are looking forward to big events in the high school, like spirit night, and connecting more with their class to help them win.

“If I win I would make sure to bring student concerns to the student council at large,” Barajas said.  “It would be exciting to plan events like spirit night, and create opportunities to meet new people and connect with Hillsborough.”

Freshman Jian Rodriguez is running for the secretary position unopposed, which means he will be elected on Oct. 15. Students Rohan Deb, Melanie Quesada, and Nina Patel are running for treasurer.

“I want to run for class cabinet because I want to improve the school, and it recently occurred to me that our years left in Hillsborough High School are very short,” Deb said. “These four years are the crunch time for me to get all of what I wanted to do in school done before it’s too late.”

The students who are running for the position of vice president are Holden Stack and Zachary Bezick.

“I was inspired to run because every year, kids say that they are going to do all of this stuff but they never fulfill their promise in doing so,” Bezick said. “I want to make sure that our school becomes better if I were to win.”

All of these candidates seem very fit for the job and the class of 2022 will be in good hands no matter what.