Sophomore Heather Suraci holds the 2018 homecoming shirt. (by Jardin Jacoby)
Sophomore Heather Suraci holds the 2018 homecoming shirt.

by Jardin Jacoby

Homecoming excitement and anticipation set to peak this week

October 25, 2018

With homecoming festivities only a few days away, anticipation for the big events are rising. The homecoming shirts that students placed orders for have come in this week, and additional shirts will be available for purchase in the cafeteria during lunch periods for those who forgot to pre-order. Be sure to ask any cheerleader for further information about this year’s official shirt.

For those who are unfamiliar with Hillsborough’s homecoming, it is a time to make memories; the football game is a great place to start. The game will take place this Friday between our very own Hillsborough Raiders and the Watchung Hills Warriors. The Raiders are currently 3-3 while the Warriors have a record of 0-7; even so, it is still expected to be a competitive and interesting game.

“Homecoming should be a great contest,” junior offensive/defensive lineman Jon Seaton says. “Watchung Hills runs a good, solid program and it’s going to take a total effort to ensure a win in front of our home supporters. I’m really looking forward to the challenge.”

This year’s football, cheerleading, and marching band senior night will also be on Homecoming night. It is important that the entire school come’s together to celebrate these student athletes and performers; the spectators will be able to see these HHS teams honored for their time and commitment. Additionally, don’t forget to stop by the concession stand during the game because all proceeds that night will be donated to the junior class cabinet.

As for the dance hosted in honor of homecoming, it is one of the biggest school events of the year. It will be hosted in the commons on Saturday, Oct. 27 and run by the student council. Tickets will be sold during lunch periods through the week of homecoming for $10; students need their school ID to purchase a ticket. Also, if you do not play a sport at the high school you may need to check to make sure you have a signed drug testing form; without one you will not be able to buy a ticket.

All of these festivities are organized to celebrate school spirit that circulates the halls everyday. The football game and the dance are the most attended school events by HHS students, so that means a true sense of togetherness is present. For those who are on the fence about attending these events, do not be nervous and remember it’s all about school spirit and fun, so just go and have yourself a good time.

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