“Dodgy style 2” claims the coveted dodgeball championship


by Sean Levonaitis

Dodgy Style 2 poses for a photo after their championship match.

Ty Kang and Sean Levonaitis

On Sunday, Oct. 29, 13 teams gathered at 11:00 a.m. to face off in the annual dodgeball tournament hosted by the boys soccer team, where all of the proceeds go to charity.

Dodgy Style 2, the championship team was made up of three sophomores and three juniors. Sophomore Loukas Ganas, the team captain, put together a team of all-stars to achieve their goal of becoming champions. In addition to Ganas, sophomores Jason Chedid and Luke Crawford were able to contribute to the team. The other three players on the winning team were juniors TJ Schultz, Christian Kruskall, and Jonah Angelo.

Knowing that the competition heavily favored the elder lineups, the team of three underclassmen and three upperclassmen knew they had to persevere past this obstacle and give their all on the court at each game. Despite having a disadvantage in experience, Ganas had faith in his team and knew they would succeed with their passion and drive.

“Even though most of the best teams had seniors on them, we weren’t scared of anyone,” Ganas said. “We knew how good we were and showed it through our performance.”

Each of these players were well equipped with various skills that led to their victory in the tournament. They all succeeded in the five D’s of dodgeball: dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge. They utilized all of these aspects to prove unstoppable.

The tournament was double elimination style, however Dodgy Style 2 never came close to elimination.  The squad went undefeated in all of their games, crushing their opponents one at a time. Despite competing in a best-of-three format, Dodgy Style 2 never dropped a single set.

The team, of course, is ecstatic that they were able to pull out their victory. Although they are pleased with their victory this year, they are most looking forward to defending their title next year. The team will be plotting and planning over the next year to maintain their title as dodge ball champions.

“I cannot wait to play in the tournament again next year,” Ganas said. “We’re gonna come back even stronger.”